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Signed works in limited edition.

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Limited edition artworks, signed and certified

ArteDei guarantees the exclusivity of its works. Our limited editions are mostly offered in an edition of 25 - 500 pieces. An edition certificate informs about the total edition, date of creation, consecutive number and format of the corresponding work. The signature on the artwork itself identifies the artwork as an original. Since any number of originals can be produced with photographic prints, a limitation of the edition is of great importance for the art market. The number of our editions is therefore carefully chosen and contractually specified. No further copies can or may be made without the consent of ArteDei. The ArteDei art register guarantees that customers receive an exclusive work of art in accordance with the specified limited edition.

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Interior Design &
Artwork: Burning Pink I


Interior Design

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Show style with art

Decorate your walls

Your own handwriting shows who you are. Your personality shapes your style. Demonstrate your attitude, your character, your self with selected works of art. With works of art, you can set your very own style accents and show what you like, who you are. We have put together some decoration ideas that will inspire you. Choose a piece that suits you perfectly!
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Limited edition works of art

All works in our gallery are subject to a limited edition. This guarantees exclusivity, individuality and value retention. Each art edition is only available for a limited period of time. The artworks are limited to a pre-defined number of pieces per motif.
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Robert Rieder

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IT, financial markets, art
The idea

As Managing Director and founder of the SPARC Group, Robert heads a company with a focus on art trading, risk management and IT services. As the initiator of, there is a corporate division here that is entirely dedicated to the topic of art and room decoration.

Robert received his degree in economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (specialising in financial markets, business informatics and spatial planning) and has also trained as a data processing engineer. In addition to his engagements in the banking and IT sectors, he also played a leading role in the development...

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