Stadt Salzburg - Neue Bildserie

City of Salzburg - New painting series

September 16, 2020

New series ArteDei.SALZBURG

Link to ArteDei.SALZBURG

We have added the new series ArteDei.SALZBURG and are happy to present it to you. The motives are grouped around the cultural city of Salzburg. The resulting paintings expand our focus on the city.

city walk

Imagine you are in Salzburg and you are strolling through the city center of Salzburg. Past the Mirabell Palace, through the Getreidegasse, across the Salzburg Cathedral Square. Isn't this a fabulous memory of this beautiful Austrian city with history?

The memory remains

With a painting by ArteDei.SALZBURG you can capture the memory. Highlight beautiful moments in your life by immortalizing them on canvas. Works of art give beautiful times a much better expression than photos on your smartphone. ArteDei.SALZBURG - Views of a city.

Link to ArteDei.SALZBURG

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