Kollektion Imperial Architecture
Imperial Architecture Collection

Historic milestones in architecture

This collection, designed by the artist with strong colors and strong contrasts, represents a foray through important monuments and buildings with historical and memorable architectural character.

As in other collections by the artist, extreme shades of color are crossed with classic photographs in order to achieve an excellent composition of color, expression and design. Many of the images were extracted from the underlying photographs and skilfully overlaid with color stencils in order to fully implement the desired contrast effect. As with all of the artist's works, emphasis was placed on exact technology and the use of the most modern methods for the preparation of images and photographs.

Some of the artworks and photographs on offer - including the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Pantheon in Rome, the Hofburg in Vienna, the Grand Palais in Paris - were skillfully immersed in different moods, depending on the environment and mood of the Viewer to achieve an expressive charisma on environment and space.

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Experiencing art together

Immortalize memories

let your walls tell stories

Imagine, you invite friends for dinner and instead of presenting your vacation experiences on a smartphone or tray, an impressive work of art with Schönbrunn Palace as a motif hangs on your wall. Your friends will be astonished and a lively conversation about your last visit to Vienna will immediately develop.

Paintings that capture moments

Founded 2020

Our idea

We have been to the most famous cities in the world and took snapshots of sights and places we like. But somehow, with the large number of photos, "the special" part of the moment was always lost. When you look at 20 variations of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, it becomes boring, even routine. After an estimated thousands of pictures from our city trips, I decided to try it differently. I took one of the snapshots and had it printed in large format on canvas. The result: A really impressive picture of the moment I captured here. But something was missing. The picture was too authentic, too much photography, too arbitrary. So I started to rework the photo and redesign it in different artistic variations. The result: a truly impressive total work of art. It got a prominent place in my apartment. Everyone should know where I was and what story I had to tell about it. From now on we did this with all our city trips and in the meantime a large collection of creative, fascinating paintings has formed, which always refresh our memory, our thoughts of that very special moment.

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