Buy pictures of sights in Malaysia at ArteDei
Designed in Vienna, Austria. Made in Europe.


Pictures of tourist hotspots in Malaysia

Artistically edited photos of Malaysian landmarks

Artistically enhanced pictures of famous places and sights from Malaysia. Photos of sightseeing hotspots and famous places in painting style on canvas, on acrylic glass or as posters. We have put together a selection of the most beautiful places in Malaysia for you and turned them into unique works of art. 

Ideal as a souvenir or gift

Take the memory with you or share it with friends. Pictures from ArteDei are ideal as a gift for friends and acquaintances or as a souvenir of your vacation at home. The pictures in the style of artistically designed paintings are individual, valuable and the perfect souvenir from your city vacation.

Murals in different formats and sizes

All pictures from ArteDei are available as art prints in gallery quality in different sizes. We are proud of the quality and value of our works of art and look forward to conjuring up a piece of vacation in your home.
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