Art prints behind acrylic glass ultraHD
ArteDei works of art behind glossy acrylic glass

Acrylic glass pictures with a fixed back wall made of Alu-Dibond have high stability. The timeless design of photos behind glossy acrylic is suitable for motifs of all kinds and meets the highest requirements. Photos behind acrylic glass are particularly stable in combination with the three-layer system of Alu-Dibond. Permanently elastic silicone seals the different materials together and guarantees a durable, bubble and crack-free lamination.

  • 1. crystal clear acrylic glass
  • 2. photo print & permanently elastic silicone
  • 3. stable aluminium dibond rear panel

Art print on acrylglass

The next evolutionary step: ultraHD Prints

No method is better suited to avoid print screens than the classic exposure on photo paper. However, in order to be able to make the progress of modern camera technology visible on your photos, the classic method has been further developed and the classic photo development process has been revolutionised with the ultraHD print. With the new photo paper Crystal Archive Professional Maxima, newly developed by Fujifilm in Europe, we take realism to a new level. The optimised image reproduction meets the highest demands on colour reproduction and detail drawing:

  • Deeper black with finer details due to over 10% more maximum density
  • Brighter and more saturated colours through 21% more colour space volume
  • Longer brilliant colours due to significantly increased light stability

Art print on acrylglass

Maximum detail density and precise contours

With the ultraHD prints under acrylic glass we make it possible to emphasize the finest details of our paintings. Due to the exposure, the ultraHD print remains absolutely detailed even when viewed at close range, even with large format images. NEW: On Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the maximum visual density is increased by another 10%. Now you can see even finer details on our prints, even in dark shadows. The result appears completely realistic and corresponds to the natural vision and the ability of the retina to bundle all image information and make it tangible as a whole. As an ultraHD print behind acrylic glass, the exact contours and richness of detail are brought out more clearly.


Art print on acrylglass

More colour space volume and light stability for pictures behind acrylic glass

With the new Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the volume of the colour space has increased by a further 21%. Especially dark and very saturated colours are reproduced more brilliant and with even more details. Even extreme light conditions can be reproduced true-to-life on ultraHD prints behind acrylic glass. Due to the increased dynamic range and the increased maximum density, ultraHD prints behind acrylic glass appear more colour intensive and richer in contrast than normal prints. Even modern LED spotlights used in galleries and museums cannot harm ultraHD prints - the increased light stability guarantees long-lasting colour fastness. Moreover, consistent production conditions almost completely rule out deviations even in the case of repeat orders.

  • Lighter contrasts through deeper blacks
  • Enormous colour intensity and light stability
  • Increased dynamic range for differentiated brightness gradations
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