Mission Statement

ArteDei sees itself as a modern interpreter of culture, art and design. ArteDei is a company from Vienna / Austria - one of the biggest cultural capitals of Europe. ArteDei offers affordable art in the form of art prints with themes that should appeal to the tourist, the car lover or someone who wants to furnish his home, his office. Main themes are

  • Sights and city tourism
  • Sports cars and luxury vehicles
  • Celebrities from politics and show business
  • abstract art and digital art

The motifs coincide with the fields of interest of the founders of ArteDei and represent an ever growing gallery of works of art. ArteDei wants to transform for its customers motives into paintings that will always keep the moment in the customer's memory. The customer has the choice to have works of art produced on different support materials. Currently we offer canvas, acrylic glass and posters (paper roll). So there is the right format for every taste, every application, every budget. Of course, the works of art meet the currently highest standards in terms of quality, finish, colour fastness, durability and robustness. Art printing also makes it possible to respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers in terms of size and coordination with spatial environments.

ArteDei offers truly new, individual art compared to competitors. In contrast to photo pages ArteDei offers photos that are artistically reworked and represent a total work of art. The target markets are first of all tourism, car lovers, furniture and interior design.
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