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The ArteDei idea

Art beautifies life. We want everyone to have the opportunity to create their home, their working environment with first-class art. Galleries often scare off with aloof, high-priced works, which unfortunately are only accessible to an elite class of art lovers. On the other hand, suppliers of art prints, such as can be found in furniture stores or many online shops, sell their works in not very exclusive, unlimited editions. From our point of view these do not do justice to the individual character that a work of art should have. ArteDei takes advantage of this gap and enables art lovers, collectors, but also simply people who want to design their rooms beautifully, an affordable and yet exclusive access to high-quality art.

Limited art works, signed and certified

ArteDei guarantees the exclusivity of its works. Our limited editions are mostly offered in editions of 25 - 500 pieces. An edition certificate informs about the total number of copies, date of origin, consecutive number and format of the corresponding work. The signature on the artwork itself identifies the artwork as an original. Since photo prints can basically be produced as many originals as desired, a limitation of the edition is of immense importance for the art market. The size of our editions is therefore carefully chosen and precisely stipulated in the contract. No further copies can and may be made without the consent of ArteDei. This guarantees that the customer receives an extremely exclusive work of art in accordance with the specified limited edition.

What is ArteDei?

Discover an incomparable selection of art with trendy motifs, suitable for every budget, style and space.


Our portfolio exclusively comprises works of art that are produced in limited editions. This guarantees lasting value and exclusivity with value-enhancing imagination.


All our works of art are made with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art technologies. Precision, durability and excellent colour reproduction are the main focus of our work.

peace of mind - NO RISK

Our 14-day 100% money-back guarantee makes it possible to buy from ArteDei without risk. If you are not satisfied with a work, simply return it without giving any reason.

Our gallery

In our gallery we offer a very wide range of styles and works of art. We do not limit ourselves here only to photographs and photographic art, but we also have a very rich offer of abstract artworks - both prints of handmade paintings and digitally produced pictures with experimental character - in our portfolio. It currently comprises more than 1,000 works and is constantly growing.

Mission Statement
Our intention

ArteDei sees itself as a modern interpreter of culture, art and design. ArteDei is a company from Vienna / Austria - one of the biggest cultural capitals of Europe. ArteDei offers affordable art in the form of art prints with themes that should appeal to the tourist, the car lover or someone who wants to furnish his home, his office.

Our motifs cover a wide range of styles and represent an ever growing gallery of works of art. ArteDei wants to transform motifs into paintings for its customers, which should always keep the moment in the customer's memory. The customer has the choice to have works of art produced on different support materials. Currently we offer canvas, acrylic glass and posters (paper roll). So there is the right format for every taste, every application, every budget. Of course, the works of art meet the currently highest standards in terms of quality, finish, colour fastness, durability and robustness. Art printing also makes it possible to respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers in terms of size and coordination with spatial environments. ArteDei offers truly new, individual art compared to competitors. In contrast to photo pages ArteDei offers photos that are artistically reworked and represent a total work of art.

Our values
ArteDei. Our claim

Each ArteDei article has its own unique personality, summed up by the creativity, ingenuity and individual personal touch of the artist. The personal character of our artists is reflected in each of our unique pieces. This is reflected in the choice of form and colour as well as the selection of high quality materials. Respectful treatment of the materials to be processed and their environment, and sustainable production within Europe are what distinguish us. It is our responsibility to maintain these unique values. We are constantly striving to improve ourselves every day. Our mission statement is to create an encounter between our customers and our know-how: An encounter of inspiration, art and passion.

ArteDei. Exclusive paintings and modern photo art.

Our values are individuality, high artistic standards, quality, authenticity of the works, reasonable price/performance ratio, enthusiasm.

ArteDei is creative, authentic, high quality, transparent, streamlined, professional, inventive.
The founders

How did ArteDei come about? My wife and I have travelled to the most famous cities in the world and took snapshots of sights and places we liked. Somehow, however, with the large number of photos, "the special" part of the moment was always lost. When you look at 20 variations of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, it becomes boring, even routine. After an estimated thousands of pictures from our city trips we decided to try something different. I took one of the snapshots and had it printed in large format on canvas. The result: a really impressive picture of the moment I captured here. But something was missing. The picture was too authentic, too much photography, too arbitrary. So I started to rework the photo and artistically redesign it in different variations. The result: a really impressive total work of art. It got a prominent place in my flat. Everyone should know where I was and what story I had to tell about it. My wife's abstract works of art fitted in well with this. She has been passionate about painting for a long time and has created a considerable collection of original works. Together we decided to present our works to a wider public. ArteDei was born. In addition to showing at vernissages and furnishing living and office objects, the works are now accessible to a wider public through the ArteDei online gallery. The artistic photographs and abstract paintings result in - from our point of view - an extremely interesting art portfolio. We hope you enjoy ArteDei - the art gallery from Vienna.

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