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Art makes life more beautiful. We want everyone to have the opportunity to design their home and work environment with first-class art. Galleries often put off with aloof, high-priced works that are unfortunately only accessible to an elite class of art lovers. On the other hand, suppliers of art prints, such as those found in furniture stores or many online shops, sell their works in not very exclusive, unlimited numbers. From our point of view, these do not do justice to the individual character that a work of art should have. ArteDei uses this gap and enables art lovers, collectors, but also just people who want to design their rooms beautifully, an affordable yet exclusive access to high-quality art.

Mission statement

Our intention

ArteDei sees itself as a modern interpreter of culture, art and design. ArteDei is a company from Vienna / Austria - one of the largest cultural capitals in Europe. ArteDei offers affordable art in the form of art prints with topics that are intended to appeal to tourists, car enthusiasts or someone who wants to furnish their home or office.

Our motifs cover a wide range of styles and represent an ever-growing gallery of works of art. ArteDei would like to convert motifs into paintings for its customers, which should always keep the customer in mind. The customer has the choice of having works of art produced on different carrier materials. We currently offer canvas, acrylic glass and posters (paper roll). The right format is available for every taste, every application and every budget. Of course, the works meet the currently highest standards in terms of quality, design, color fastness, durability and robustness. The art print also makes it possible to respond flexibly to the requirements of our customers in terms of size and coordination with spatial surroundings. ArteDei offers really new, individual art compared to its competitors. In contrast to photo sites, ArteDei offers photos that have been artistically post-processed and represent a total work of art.


Robert Rieder

Image of Robert Rieder
IT, financial markets, art Founder

As Managing Director and founder of the SPARC Group, Robert heads a company with a focus on art trading, risk management and IT services. As the initiator of, there is a corporate division here that is entirely dedicated to the topic of art and room decoration.

Robert received his degree in economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (specialising in financial markets, business informatics and spatial planning) and has also trained as a data processing engineer. In addition to his engagements in the banking and IT sectors, he also played a leading role in...

Image of Robert Rieder
Our values
ArteDei. Our claim

Each ArteDei article has its own unique personality, summarized from creativity, ingenuity and the individual personal touch of the artist. The personal character of our artists can be found in each of our unique pieces. This is reflected in the choice of shape and color as well as the choice of high-quality materials. We are characterized by respectful handling of the materials to be processed and their environment, and sustainable production within Europe. It is our responsibility to adhere to these unique values. We always strive to improve every day. Our guiding principle is to create an encounter between our customers and our know-how: an encounter of inspiration, art and passion.

ArteDei. Exclusive paintings and modern photo art.

Our values are individuality, high artistic standards, quality, authenticity of the works, appropriate price / performance ratio, enthusiasm.

ArteDei is creative, authentic, high quality, transparent, streamlined, professional, full of ideas.

Limitierte Kunstwerke

Signiert und zertifiziert

ArteDei garantiert die Exklusivität seiner Werke. Unsere limitierten Editionen werden zumeist in einer Auflage von 25 – 500 Stück angeboten. Ein Editionszertifikat informiert über Gesamtauflage, Entstehungsdatum, fortlaufende Nummer und Format des entsprechenden Werks. Die Signatur am Kunstwerk selbst weist das Kunstwerk als Original aus. Da bei Fotodrucken im Grunde beliebig viele Originale hergestellt werden können, ist für den Kunstmarkt eine Limitierung der Auflage von immenser Wichtigkeit. Die Größe unserer Editionen ist daher mit Bedacht gewählt und vertraglich genau festgehalten. Es können und dürfen keine weiteren Kopien ohne der Zustimmung von ArteDei angefertigt werden. So ist garantiert, dass der Kunde entsprechend der angegebenen limitierten Auflage ein äußerst exklusives Kunstwerk erhält.

What is ArteDei?

Discover an incomparable selection of art with trendy motifs, suitable for every budget, every style and every space.


Our portfolio only includes works of art that are made in limited editions. This guarantees intrinsic value and exclusivity with an increase in value.


All of our works of art are made with the most sophisticated, latest technologies. Precision, durability and excellent color rendering are in the foreground.


Our 14-day 100% money-back guarantee makes it possible to shop at ArteDei without any risk. If you are not satisfied with a work, simply return it without giving a reason.


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