ArteDei products - art prints of outstanding quality.

At ArteDei we rely on Quality and diversity in the selection of our products. We therefore only offer our customers the highest quality art prints from our printing partner companies.

Masterpieces with a masterly impression of value.

To our Demand for quality and authenticity, our works of art are produced exclusively on linen canvas or as a high-quality photo print behind specially treated acrylic glass. In contrast to cheaper solutions, our canvases and photo prints guarantee a balanced color image and an authentic, classic look. By choosing the carrier material - canvas or photo print behind acrylic glass - we offer our customers the choice between canvas quality including surface structure and image depth information or classic photo printing protected behind high-quality, UV-resistant acrylic glass.

Made in Europe, designed in Austria

All of our products come from creative minds. Our vision is subject to the historical obligation to support and promote European culture to the best of our ability. That is why we support artists from European countries and let our products in Germany and Austria produce. The origin of our company lies in Austria and here in the world cultural city of Vienna. In line with our self-image of art and culture, we look forward to transporting European cultural assets across our regional borders and making a valuable contribution here in terms of art, art funding, but also European added value.

Art prints on canvas

Your ArteDei work of art as a canvas print on a support frame

Your ArteDei work of art as a canvas print on a support frame

Do you like it stylish in your own four walls and attach great importance to a warm atmosphere? A professional picture on a traditional canvas combines homely aesthetics with simple elegance. The matt surface texture of the classic canvas gives ArteDei paintings a lively effect with a soft feel. The canvas structure supports the natural appearance of the motif and is therefore particularly suitable for photo art and abstract works of art.

High quality latex print

Our matt photo canvas impresses with its saturated, clear colors. Thanks to the state-of-the-art printing technology with latex inks, the canvas prints retain their colors and the fabric is immediately waterproof and smudge-proof after the premium print.

Stable support frame made of high quality solid wood for your photo canvas

The canvas is stretched on a high-quality 4cm thick support frame. Reinforced corners protect against distortion. Subsequent fitting or retightening is no longer necessary. We obtain the spruce wood exclusively from sustainable forestry.

Print art print canvases in impressive size

Free choice of format from mini to XXL - we print on matt canvas in different size formats. Due to the low weight, canvas prints of any size are easy to hang.

Art prints behind acrylic glass

Professional gallery quality

ArteDei works of art behind glossy acrylic glass

Acrylic glass pictures with a solid back made of Alu-Dibond are extremely stable. The timeless design of photos behind glossy acrylic is suitable for motifs of all kinds and meets the highest requirements. Photos behind acrylic glass are particularly stable in combination with the three-layer system of Alu-Dibond. Permanently elastic silicone seals the various materials together and guarantees a permanent, bubble-free and crack-free lamination.

  • 1. Crystal clear acrylic glass
  • 2. Photo print & permanently elastic silicone
  • 3. Stable Alu-Dibond rear wall
The next evolutionary stage: ultraHD prints

No process is better suited to avoiding printing grids than the classic exposure on photo paper. In order to be able to make the progress of modern camera technology visible on your photos, the classic process has been further developed and the classic photo development process has been revolutionized with the ultraHD print. With the Crystal Archive Professional Maxima photo paper newly developed by Fujifilm in Europe, we are taking realism to a new level. The optimized image reproduction meets the highest standards of color reproduction and detail drawing:

  • Deeper black with finer details thanks to over 10% more maximum density
  • More brilliant and saturated colors thanks to 21% more color space volume
  • Colors that last longer thanks to significantly increased light stability
Maximized density of details and precise contours

With the ultraHD prints under acrylic glass, we enable the finest details of our paintings to be emphasized. Due to the exposure, the ultraHD print remains absolutely detailed, even when viewed from close up, even with large-format images. NEW: On the Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the maximum visual density is increased by another 10%. Now even finer details can be shown on our prints even in dark shadow areas. The result appears completely realistic and corresponds to natural vision and the ability of the retina to bundle all image information and make it tangible as a whole. As an ultraHD print behind acrylic glass, the exact contours and richness of detail are increasingly expressed.

More color space volume and light stability for pictures behind acrylic glass

With the new Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper, the volume of the color space has been increased by a further 21%. Above all, dark and very saturated colors are reproduced more brilliantly and with even more details. This means that even extreme lighting conditions can be faithfully reproduced on ultraHD prints behind acrylic glass. Due to the increased dynamic range and the increased maximum density, ultraHD prints behind acrylic glass have a more intense color and contrast than normal prints. Even modern LED spotlights that are used in galleries and museums cannot harm the ultraHD fume cupboard - the increased light stability guarantees long-lasting color fastness. In addition, constant production conditions almost completely rule out deviations when re-ordering.

  • Even higher contrasts thanks to deeper black tones
  • Enormous color intensity and light stability
  • Increased dynamic range for differentiated brightness levels

Art prints on posters

Affordable art of masterful quality

ArteDei art print on poster
ArteDei art poster print - affordable art in masterful quality

Oversized formats at affordable prices without sacrificing quality - our art poster print is the perfect product for everyone whose motif also comes into its own as a classic photo print.

Latex print: 8-color art print on high-quality Sihl paper

Sihl's photo printing paper is solid and robust and well suited for our high-quality prints. The resistant coated image carrier is bleached bright white and a reliable basis for true to the original and strong colors. We use Sihl photo printing paper in bright white with a silky sheen, a hard-wearing product for the best printing results (135g / m²).

  • 8-color printing for your photo poster
  • The latex print achieves a wide range of colors and very good durability

Art print as an XXL poster

At ArteDei, your print will be made to the centimeter according to your wishes. You can choose from the numerous formats from mini to XXL. Find the right motif and your suitable size format.

Our values
ArteDei. Our claim

Each ArteDei article has its own unique personality, summarized from creativity, ingenuity and the individual personal touch of the artist. The personal character of our artists can be found in each of our unique pieces. This is reflected in the choice of shape and color as well as the choice of high-quality materials. We are characterized by respectful handling of the materials to be processed and their environment, and sustainable production within Europe. It is our responsibility to adhere to these unique values. We always strive to improve every day. Our guiding principle is to create an encounter between our customers and our know-how: an encounter of inspiration, art and passion.

ArteDei. Exclusive paintings and modern photo art.

Our values are individuality, high artistic standards, quality, authenticity of the works, appropriate price / performance ratio, enthusiasm.

ArteDei is creative, authentic, high quality, transparent, streamlined, professional, full of ideas.


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