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ARTEDEI is specialized in limited edition art prints on canvas. We distribute art series in limited editions of 60 - 150 pieces. All artworks are signed and the buyer is registered in the ARTEDEI art register.

  • Limited art editions
  • One of 60 - One of 150
  • Signed artworks
  • Certified register
Exclusive production runs

ArteDei limited art gallery

Our limited editions encompass a wide array of fine art photography and prints, with hundreds of artistically processed motifs. They are developed by our world-leading printing partners as high end quality canvas prints, using the most cutting-edge development methods.

Unlike open editions, which can be reproduced indefinitely, limited editions are produced in quantities decided on in advance. They are printed in edition sizes of 60 to 150. Most prints are offered in three different sizes, so having f.e. 20 small, 20 medium and 20 large versions of a 60 pieces art edition. The number of copies with which the print run is conceived is fixed: after all the limited editions are sold, the print run is discontinued. Every customer gets a certificate of authenticity for his purchased piece of art, guaranteeing that it is an original work belonging to a specific print run, and containing the number of prints. All of our products arrive ready to hang and mount, and many arrive signed by the artist.

Besides that, every production series and every artpiece is collected in the ARTEDEI art register, so that every piece and its can be identified. A unique identifier is issued and places on the canvas, so that the originality of the product can always be identified.



The exclusive ARTEDEI portfolio of fine art is a perfect way to get stunning pieces of original art for your wall decoration. Our growing art gallery puts the emphasis on contemporary topics and offers a great selection of cool popart style artworks from our artists that are issued in a limited edition run.


ARTEDEI is the home of exciting, affordable, and collectible fine art. The ARTEDEI concept is this: making fine art affordable through the production of limited editions. From contemplative line drawing art to mood-lifting and strong colorful art, there’s a whole world of contemporary art for sale on the ARTEDEI website and in our art gallery in Vienna, Austria.



Our collections consist in a wide array of photographic art and art prints. Our prints are created from original paintings, drawings, digital artwork, and photographs. Our artwork, whatever the medium, are then developed as photographic prints on canvas.

Our line of photography includes landscape, portrait, abstract, and fine art photography. Our prints are distinguished by their subject matter. A ARTEDEI print might be a painting or a drawing, and it might have undergone digital editing by the artist as part of her or his artistic method.


ARTEDEI fine art prints stand out through their rich colors, deep, dark tones and strong contrasts. The high resolution and precise hues gives your canvas pictures a detailed appearance. The colors on the printed canvas do not run and are therefore very durable. We wrap your canvas on a high-quality stretcher frame made out of sustainably sourced spruce. The depth is 4 cm (1,57 in.) for a slightly sculptural appearance. Your photo canvas can simply be hung directly on two nails or screws by means of the carrier frame.


Whatever your reason for buying art, rest assured that all the artworks for sale at ARTEDEI are specifically selected for their power to complement a physical space and inspire the mind and soul. If you’re looking to spruce up your decor, think bigger than a low-quality print or cheap wall furnishings: think of your walls as a blank canvas. Our artists' works encompass a range of fine art genres, which also offer an extensive palette that lets you fully express your creativity!

Need help visualizing our artworks in your rooms? Our art experts and art decorators are happy to speak with you about your particular needs. Speak with them about whether your room is closed or open, whether the room is lit with natural or bright, white artificial light, the colors of your walls, the arrangement of the furniture. Are you dealing with a furnished room - or bare walls? Do you prefer an explosion of color, or a cove of serenity and focus? They are happy to help! Just contact our support.


We create affordable art for a broad audience

Art inspires people

We believe Art & Interior Design makes happy. We think, everyone should have a piece of art at home or in their office.

Where we come from

We are from Vienna / Austria - one of the largest cultural capitals in Europe. We love art and want to give inspirations to people.



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