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New Art Edition on Canvas: Mercedes AMG GT Brightgreen

1 of 90 art edition

Mercedes AMG GT Brightgreen

New art edition on canvas: Mercedes Masterpiece - the Mercedes AMG GT. An icon of a sportscar and an icon of the brand. Get 1 of the 90. Available in our established formats S/M/L and 30 pieces each. So purchase one of these 90 fabulous limited art editions!

ArteDei art gallery

The ArteDei art portfolio includes photo art/art photography, prints of original paintings and digital art, the styles of abstract art, expressionism, illustrations, impressionism, minimalism, modern art, pop art, photo realism, surrealism, portraits, collages and much more.

Art print on canvas

The canvas is stretched on a high quality 4cm support frame. Reinforced corners protect against distortion. We obtain the spruce wood exclusively from sustainable forestry.

Limited art editions

All artworks offered at ArteDei are available as art editions in a limited edition of 10 - 150 pieces. This limited edition makes the products of ArteDei exclusive works of art with value fantasy.

Signed artworks

The limited edition art prints are declared as art edition by a certificate and an encrypted signature. In addition, each artwork is registered on our site and filed in the ArteDei Editions Register.

Individual painting for your home

Each motif is individually designed by the artist. High quality paintings with an impressive ultraHD color space. Print on canvas with frame made of high quality solid wood and 4cm frame thickness. Sizes with up to 160cm side length. Crystal clear color and depth reproduction, increased light stability and guaranteed long-lasting colors through patented process.

Photo Gallery

See variations of this limited edition artwork.

New Art Edition on Canvas: Mercedes AMG GT Brightgreen

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