New art series MOON LANDING

Let us introduce MOON LANDING - the newest art series from ArteDei.

We are pleased to present the new limited art series "Moon Landing" with massive paintings on the theme of the moon and moon landing. This art series is limited to 3x50 pieces each and therefore hotly sought after. See here the pictures of this series:

Art series


Astronaut 1

499,00 899,00 

incl. VAT

Edition of 150

Moon 2

349,00 749,00 

incl. VAT

Edition of 150

Moon 1

399,00 799,00 

incl. VAT

Edition of 150

Saturn V

449,00 849,00 

incl. VAT

Edition of 150
Limited edition art

Edition Art by ArteDei.
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Limited art editions

All artworks offered at ArteDei are available as art editions in a limited edition of 5 - 100 pieces. This limited edition makes the products of ArteDei exclusive works of art with value fantasy.

Signed artworks

The limited edition art prints are declared as art edition by a certificate and an encrypted signature. In addition, each artwork is registered on our site and filed in the ArteDei Editions Register.

New artists - our repertoire of artworks is growing

ArteDei supports especially young artists and is open for new ideas and art creations. Interested parties/artists for whom the subject of art printing is of interest are welcome to submit their portfolio to ArteDei (

Value investment art

The current value of ArteDei art editions is . We are happy to advise art investors and other value-oriented interested parties on how they can participate in the ArteDei platform or in the ArteDei art portfolio.

Press and partnerships

We are of course interested in promoting the ArteDei brand and are open to partner programs with other art platforms or art galleries. Press contacts please contact our press office Other interested parties to

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