Relaunch of Webpage

We revamped our Webpage AERTEDEI.COM.

The established brand ArteDei - provider of great limited edition art prints - has revamped and republished the site.  We thought it was time to adapt our web presence to the modern art style that ArteDei represents. We also added some great new features for our customers.

New Page Design

We wanted a new look.
To make ArteDei state of the art.

New page design

ArteDei has been around since 2014 and the ArteDei team felt it was time to revamp the brand's webpage. In addition to a fresher, clearer and also more straightforward design of the site, we also added new functionalities to help our customers find their way around better. For example, there is now a wish list and a comparison function. The purchase itself has also been simplified with a "Buy Now" button for faster and more direct fulfillment of our customers' requests. In addition, there is also a new blog and a new newsletter to keep our customers up to date.

Simplified edition structure

In addition to the webpage overhaul, we also took care of the products themselves. We have streamlined our art editions and reduced them to three size variants. We think that we can cover the needs of our art lovers very well with this and from the perspective of a collector we can present the limitation of our artworks more transparently. We hope to be able to bring our customers even better together with our customers and wish art enthusiasts and art lovers a lot of fun with the new website.

Your ArteDei Team

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